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Favorite Places to Thrift in OC

Like Carrie Bradshaw once said, sometimes you need an $8 dress to go with your $300 shoes….Except I can’t really relate….. Regardless, I love thrifting! I haven’t been to each and every thrift store in OC of course, but these are my favorites/where I have the most luck. There’s lots of little treasures to be found in OC used clothing stores!

  1. Goodwill + Uptown Cheapskate in Lake Forest. I find that Uptown Cheapskate can be pricey, so sometimes I don’t go here for a few months. Honestly, the Ross nearby seems to have a similar selection for similar price points. I do really like Uptown Cheapskate….and they have lots of trendy clothes! You can sell your unwanted items here, too. If you feel like going on a hunt, there’s a great Goodwill just across the way. Win win!

  2. Buffalo Exchange in Costa Mesa. I love this place! I always find trendy, cute clothes at a reasonable price. I’ve sold my clothes + accessories here multiple times, too. I don’t think they’re too pricey, but they’re not as cheap as Goodwill.

  3. Downtown Fullerton. I love to shop on the main street here and pop into the multiple local thrift stores. There are varying price points and usually some really good options.

  4. Salvation Army in San Clemente. You can’t miss this one….it’s in the corner next to the San Clemente DMV and there’s usually a long line of wary people waiting for the DMV. I have found some name brand pieces here! Definitely recommend this spot + there’s antique stores in downtown SC.

  5. Crossroads in Irvine. I visited here only once, but was impressed by the selection!

Emily Thomas